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Virtual Exhibitions (ISSN 2198‐7696) are born‐digital, peer‐reviewed projects published by the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society. Curated by experts in the environmental humanities, they contextualize and interpret collections of digitized materials, resulting in research‐based, engaging multimedia stories with scholarly as well as public appeal. They are hosted on the Environment & Society Portal (www.environmentandsociety.org), the Rachel Carson Center’s open-access digital publication platform and archive. It makes environmental humanities research accessible to academic communities and the interested public worldwide. The Portal is accessed by users from every country and has reached more than one million users worldwide.
This site is an archive of the Virtual Exhibitions; the dynamic, multimedia content of the live website is compiled into individual PDFs to preserve the born-digital content. Dynamic content, which is not active in these documents, is described in text form, interactive elements such as links and embedded content are clearly presented to facilitate independent access to these features.

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